Welcome to the latest addition to our services at St Andrews Swanwick!

We are a contemporary church whose aim is to provide an intimate, safe space for people to encounter God’s presence. We worship with the latest contemporary songs from Bethel, Hillsong, Rend Collective etc.  and we have lots of space for open prayer.


Upcoming Services:

Holy Spirit | Thursday 28th February 2019
Servant-hood | Thursday 14th March 2019
Body Image | Thursday 28th March 2019
 Worship | Thursday 11th April 2019
Easter | Sunday 21st April 2019
God & Disability | Thursday 25th April 2019
On the Margins | Thursday 9th May 2019
Prayer | Thursday 23rd May 2019
Youth | Thursday 13th June 2019
Covenant: Abraham | Thursday 27th June 2019
Covenant: Moses | Thursday 11th July 2019
Covenant: Joshua | Thursday 25th July 2019

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Last times message:

Previous messages:

Love – McCauley Allcock
Social Media – William Davies
Grace – McCauley Allcock
The Nativity – Revd Aron Simpson
Questions on Suffering – Jack Key
The Gift of Faith – McCauley Allcock
God vs. Science – Revd Aron Simpson
Belonging is Experiencing God – McCauley Allcock

Worship Videos:

Build My Life
Living Hope