Faith: Make your own kind of Music

A comparison between a common secular view of faith and a common Christian view of faith. Paloma Faith’s Make your own kind of music inspires a belief in ourselves, but how does this compare to faith in Christ?

I want to start this blog with an apology. I am sorry if – for the next few hours, days, or even weeks, you have this song stuck in your head. The song in question is Make your own kind of music by Paloma Faith. I am sorry, but not sorry at the same time. Because of what we know from the way memory works, this is a good technique to use to remember a particular message. This blog will talk about how we can apply faith in ourselves to faith in God.

As a child I was very good at making my own music – my poor mother may say otherwise – I remember shutting myself in my room tinkering away at the keyboard. At the age of 8 I had absolutely no idea how to play it, but I loved the idea of pressing a combination of keys together that could in theory be a piece of music that no one in the entire world has ever played before. But why do it? Why bother? It is near enough impossible to create something genuine that is unique and sounds good. At least that’s what people would like to have you believe.

We hear so many times in life that we’re not good enough. Paloma faith talks about her experience with this on her journey to becoming the singer she is today. We hear so many people telling us we can’t do this or we can’t do that. Sometimes we are the people who tell ourselves that. It is because of these voices that we need faith, but depending on whether we are Christian or not, there are different reasons for having faith.

Watching Paloma Faith talk about having faith in yourself and about how you have the power to change it would indeed inspire many secular people to believe in themselves and that’s great. But as Christians I think we can learn something deeper. What if we can have the same faith in Jesus Christ that we have in ourselves? What if we believe that God has the power to grow our faith? What if we use this to believe in Jesus rather than ourselves?

As an 8 year old I didn’t care that my music didn’t sound good, although it did sound unique (maybe not for the right reasons). I didn’t care because I enjoyed tinkering on the keyboard. I enjoyed playing the Titanic Theme Tune very badly. It was quite amusing to hear my saints go marching in using the percussion sound effects function. And don’t get me started on the DJ button! However, when I play the piano in church, I don’t play to sound good, I play because it is my way of worshipping Jesus. Through the piano I can show how much I appreciate Him in my life.

When we sing our worship songs we are all making our own kind of music. One person singing In Christ Alone may be focusing on placing their trusts in Christ alone, whereas another person may be focusing on being forgiven in Christ alone. The meaning behind our worship is for us much more important than the sound of our singing. It’s important because it is a declaration of our faith.

For those who are wanting to have that dream job, or even for those who want to get through a serious illness, it is really tempting to adopt this secular view of faith; ‘If you believe in yourself you can get the job!’ ‘If you believe in yourself you can overcome your illness!’ But as a Christian I think there needs to be more to it than this. I’m not saying that God will give you your dream job (he might), but I am saying that through faith God will put you in a position where you will do good works (Ephesians 2: 8-10). I’m not saying that God will heal you overnight (he might), but I am saying that through faith we know that God loves us and we know that whenever we are in hospital that He is with us.

And so I leave you with this song; make your own kind of music, but let it be worship to God. Not so that we can do what we want to do, but so that we can do what God wants us to do.

McCauley Allcock | 17th October 2018

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